• About Us

    The Speewah Equestrian Centre is located only minutes from Kuranda, an easy drive from both Cairns and Mareeba. We are a fully facilitated and family friendly horse riding school, & equine training facility with a stable of 12 horses & ponies varying in sizes. We cater for adults and children alike, and offer lessons to suit individual student needs and abilities.

    Our 40m x 20m sand layered arena is nestled in a beautiful quiet 'horse community' setting, with plenty of shade. We also have a smaller 20m x 10m arena for the more younger, lesser confident riders to learn the basics in, prior to advancing to a larger space.

    Our patient and friendly instructors will teach you all the fundamentals of riding, owning and caring for horses using our basic principles of confidence,safety & fun, whilst ensuring all industry guidelines are met.

    At Speewah Equestrian Centre, we believe in positive re-inforcement when it comes to out teaching and training methods. Speak to us about helping you with your riding needs, or horse education and training also.

    We Specialise in:

    Private & Group lessons
    Natural horsemanship & Horse care
    Coaching and Show preparation
    Specialised Clinics
    Camps & Day programmes
    Equine Training & Re-educating

  • Our Riding Lessons

    Horse riding lessons are the ideal way to gain confidence, learn to ride, or further your horse riding skills and knowledge.

    Our horse riding instructors are all keen to share their love and knowledge of horse riding with you.

    All new students are given a riding assessment, and our experienced friendly instructors will then develop a personalised lesson programme which can be incorporated as a 1 on 1, or group level delivery.

    Safe enjoyable riding is our number one piority, and accordingly our staff are happy to accommodate nervous beginners to the experienced rider.

    Speewah Equestrian Centre follows all guidelines of the Australian Horse Riding Council, and delivers riding tuition in accordance with HorseSafe Australia methods.

    What you will learn

    Our lessons are provided in accordance with a training plan which also includes grooming, saddling, walking, trotting and cantering. As students advance, optional progressions such as lateral movement, collecttion and jumping are offered, as are lessons in natural horsemanship, ground work with horses, and horse care which is great for learning trust, discipline and responsibility.

    Horse riding lessons include various excercises and activities to increase coordination and to let students experience different types of riding disciplines that may interest them.

    We specialise in providing individual attention, with lessons primarily conducted as one-on-one. Group lessons (up to 4 students) is available to riders displaying similar ability

    Lessons are delivered in a securely fenced, 40m x 20m sand layered arena (built to Australian riding standards), and may also progress to local trail based rides and other practical scenarios where techniques learnt are put into real scenario practice for ongoing development.

    We offer a variety of activities and classes catering for children and adults alike in a quiet tropical surrounding.


    General Private Lesson (1hr) - $75.00 per student
    Semi Private Lesson - 2 Students (1hr) - $65.00 per student
    Group Lesson (1hr) - $55.00 per student (Min 3 Students)

    Buy a block of lessons and save!
    Block of 5 Private lessons - Save 10% (Total Cost: $340)
    Block of 20 Private lessons - Save 15% (Total Cost: $1275)

    Lessons are conducted daily, and casual lesson timeslots are subject to availability. Students who purchase block lessons may prebook several lessons in advance to ensure a regular same day & timeslot for their lesson.

    We provide all students with either an AS-3838 or EN-1384 safety approved loan helmet during lessons, however we strongly reccommend that students purchase their own helmet and correctly fitting riding boots as their progression through lessons continues. We can assist in offering required riding equipment at a very competitive price.

  • Holiday Riding Camps

    Horse riding Camps at Speewah Euqestrian Centre operate every school holiday period, and suitable to any horse enthusiast aged from 8 to 16years.

    Our Horse riding camps include various horse based activities including riding lessons in various diciplines, games on horseback, and other ridden and non ridden components. Students will also actively participate in horse care throughought the duration of camp, with responsibilities that will include feeding, grooming and stable manintenance, as well as care of their horse riding equipment.

    Confident participants will also have the opportunity to participate in trail riding adventures through various areas including the Douglas Track, and local state forestry.

    Students participating in camps will enjoy a complete outdoor experience which includes real outdoor camping in tents or under the stars in our own purpose build camp area complete with campfire pit under tall shady Gum trees. Our facilities also include unisex toilets and hot showers.

    During Camps, students are also provided with all meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as snacks and other treats!

    All staff engaged at Speewah Equestrian Centre possess Blue Cards, and hold a current first aid certificate. Safety is our primary consideration, and a ratio of 1 staff member to 5 children is maintained at all times. Volunteer 'mums' are also welcome to attend camp by prior arrangement and site induction completed!

    Our next camps...

    CAMP 1:

    Date: December 14th to 16th, 2016 (Wed - Fri)
    Cost: $330.00pp (includes meals)
    Capacity: 12 Students

    CAMP 2:

    Date: January 18th, 19th, 20th, 2017 (Wed to Fri)
    Cost: $330.00pp (includes meals)
    Capacity: 12 Students

    In order to book for camp, please contact us on 4093-0342 for our information pack and registration forms.

  • Birthday Parties

    A fun birthday party package that's cost effective, and one to remember

    Suitable for any boy or girl from age of 7, our birthday party packages offer a session of fun filled horse activities, games and riding time.

    Birthday parties are customised to suit individual age groups and consideration of any prior horse experience, so even beginners are welcome to join the fun! Activities will include a selection from:
    Grooming Horses / Ponies
    Team Games and challenges on horseback
    Washing / Plaiting horses
    Obstacle Courses
    Feeding Horses & Horse Care activies (stable cleaning etc)


    Birthday party packages are offered as two options: with, or without food, and you may have up to 6 kids during the session.

    Party only (no food) - $330.00
    3hr session
    Maximum of 6 kids
    Various activities suitable to the group (based on age & experience)

    Party including food - $390.00
    3.5hr session (includes a break for food)
    Maximum of 6 kids
    Various activities suitable to the group (based on age & experience)
    Hot & Cold food platter (see below)
    Cold Drinks included

    Food platter consists of Cheerios, watermelon, cupcakes, fairy bread, corn chips, popcorn & lollies. Optional Ice Cream Cake available to purchase for $15!

    All staff & volunteers engaged at Speewah Equestrian Centre possess Blue Cards, and hold a current first aid certificate. Safetyis our primary consideration.

    Parents are welcome also to join in the fun!

    In order to book a birthday party, please contact us on 4093-0342. We can also provide you with personalised invitations to print and send to your guests!

  • Contact Address

    Speewah Equestrian Centre

    5 Douglas Track,
    Speewah, QLD, 4881.
    Telephone: 07 4093-0342
    E-mail: info@cairnshorseriding.com.au

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  • Horse Riding Camp - Bookings

    Complete the form below in full to register for our upcoming horse riding camp

  • Booking Terms & Conditions

    Booking of lessons:

    All lessons must be pre-paid within 48hrs of making a booking. Where the student has a valid pre-paid block lesson card, lessons can be booked up until the card is used up, at which point the client must then choose to pre-pay their next lesson following expiry, or opt to purchase another block lesson card. Lessons can be paid using cash, Eftpos, credit card over the phone, or direct credit using either internet banking or in bank branch deposit.

    Cancellation of lessons:

    Lesson time slots are in high demand, and due to the limited lesson allocation timeslots currently available, and the increasing number of students along with the requirement of additional staff to cater for the delivery of lessons & duties surrounding lessons, a cancellation policy applies as follows: Any cancellation of a lesson within 24hrs prior to the lesson will be subject to our 24hr cancellation policy. Lessons that are cancelled with less than 24hrs notice provided to us will render nil refund of the lesson fee, and payment will be required to book the next lesson. In the case of block lesson card holders, a single lesson credit will be taken. Please note: We are compassionate to a reasonable extent, and cancellations are treated case-by-case depending on situations beyond the reasonable control of any person. (Eg: Illness – supported by medical certificate, Road Closures or other reason beyond reasonable control of any person, etc). Cancellations by the student are noted on the student file, and regular un-explained cancellations or no-shows may render cancellation of enrolment. Our cancellation policy shall by no means hinder any rights you may have under consumer law. All cancellations MUST be made direct by phoning our office on 4093-0342.

    Re-scheduling of cancelled lessons:

    Lessons may be re-scheduled without penalty provided that at sufficient notice of at least 24hrs is provided. We will only accept requests via telephone (via our office number). Email correspondence will only be accepted as valid where we have responded to confirm your request, and at least 48hrs notice. Mobile SMS requests, voicemail messages & Facebook messages are not accepted due to the limited & unreliable coverage in our area.

    Wet weather policy:

    Lessons will continue to operate in mild & moderate wet weather conditions. We will notify you with as much time as possible in the event of a cancellation of a lesson due to severe weather or unsafe riding conditions. We do NOT operate lessons in heavy wet weather or in stormy or thunderous conditions, nor shall we present students to risks greater than horse riding lessons alone already presents. As the weather can be considerably different here on the Tablelands region as oppose to Cairns and other coastal areas, if you are not sure or have not heard from us 1 hour prior to your lesson, please phone us prior to attending. Lessons that are subject to cancellation by us will not result in any penalty to the client. Please do not automatically assume that your lesson is cancelled because it is raining where you are. Our cancellation policy will apply if you fail to show for a designated lesson deemed operational.

    Refund policy:

    All lesson fees paid are non-refundable except in cases where we have needed to cancel your lesson on 3 or more occasions consecutively, or there is a circumstance we believe are beyond reasonable control of any person and where we believe on compassionate grounds that it is rightful to provide a refund to you. We will in every instance attempt to re-schedule a lesson before considering a refund under these grounds. Pre-paid block lesson cards are non-refundable in any circumstances, whether in full or part thereof, however entitlement to use any remaining lessons may be transferred to another pre-enrolled student, by arrangement between that student and yourself directly. You must inform us in writing of these changes so that records can be updated and credits transferred. A fee of $33 applies for administration purposes in doing so. This fee is payable by either the existing or new owner of the block lesson card, and must be done prior to the new owner commencing lessons using such card. In some instances Speewah Equestrian Centre may be requested to ‘re-sell’ any remaining block lessons on your behalf to another student, in which case a 10% fee will be taken from the sale cost in addition to the $33 administration fee. Note: Our refund policy shall by no means hinder any rights you may have under consumer law.

    Arrival time & commencement of lesson:

    Students must arrive for lessons at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time to allow themselves time to get ready for their lesson. Students who are not ready at the time of their lesson will end up with a lesson that is shortened. Students who arrive more than 30 minutes late following the assigned commencement time of their lesson may have their lesson cancelled at the discretion of the instructor and subsequently lesson fees forfeited. All start & finish times are important to ensure we keep the flow of following lessons on track. Students that arrive considerably early may commence grooming and saddling of their horse provided their instructor allows it, and the student in competent in doing so with little supervision. Please note the current roadworks on the Kuranda Range may attribute to delays in your travel time. Please make allowances for this.


    Speewah Equestrian Centre is fully covered by Public & Products Liability Insurance for any proven instance of negligence or wrong-doing. Our policy is provided by AON Risk Partners, and underwritten by Affinity Insurance – Australia’s largest Equine activity insurance company. Our policy extends coverage up to $10M in any once instance, and includes both ridden and ground-work related aspects of our lessons given provision that students are following our safety requirements at all times. Despite being fully insured to such extent, all participants must complete an indemnity form annually, and we do encourage all riders to consider purchasing their own personal accident insurance where an accident or injury involving horses may result in financial losses (whether immediate or future) or for any unexpected medical expenses incurred by way of injuries that may be sustained whilst participating.

    Facility Rules (General)

    Parking of Vehicles:

    Please park vehicles in an orderly fashion directly outside the main shed (office). Ensure that the main shed entrance area is not blocked. Should parking in this area be full, we ask that you park your vehicle outside the main gate on the right hand side. When entering the property, please observe a slow driving speed of no more than 10km/h


    All riders MUST wear appropriate enclosed footwear suitable to riding. Any other person, such as spectators must wear footwear of some description unless they are assisting with or entering any area surrounding horses where fully enclosed footwear must also be worn. Enclosed footwear is recommenced for all persons.


    All riders MUST wear an approved helmet, that is less than 5years old, and complies with the AS/NZ:3838 or EN:1384 Standard. Riders found riding onsite without a helmet will be issued a formal warning, and further contraventions will result in cancellation of enrollment.


    Whilst spectating any lesson in progress, we ask that noise levels are kept to a minimum, to allow the instructors and students to concentrate. Please DO NOT lean against or sit on the arena fence, as the horses tend to gravitate toward people outside the arena, which can cause loss of concentration for the student and distraction to the horse. An outdoor table setting and large shade umbrella is provided for your comfort to view lessons.

    Children / siblings in care of spectators:

    Children MUST be kept under control at all times, and must NOT run around as this can spook horses. Climbing / sitting on fences and gates is strictly prohibited and repeated occurrences will result in such children banned from spectating during lessons.

    Loan equipment:

    Any equipment, loaned to students must be returned upon completion of lesson. This includes helmets, and tack. All students MUST spray loan helmets following use using the sanitiser provided on the helmet rack, and return all equipment used in an orderly fashion.

    Unauthorised Areas:

    Students and visitors must NOT enter any restricted or staff only areas unless directly accompanied by a staff member. These areas include; feed room, workshop, stables and paddock areas, or any other area not directly associated to lessons.


    Dogs or other animals are not permitted onsite under any circumstances.

    Personal Horses:

    Student personal horses are permitted by prior approval, and as long as strict conditions are met. This includes supplying Speewah Equestrian Centre with a vaccination record, including Hendra Virus and boosters. Horse Floats must be parked outside the main entry gates, where horses are also to be unloaded. Students must remove manure from there horses.

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